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Resolving The Challenges Of Divorce With Children

Divorce is nearly always difficult, but when children are involved, ending a marriage becomes that much harder.

The good news is that the Law Office of Roxana Shayan is here to guide you through the challenges with skill and compassion. With more than 20 years of legal experience in Costa Mesa and the surrounding areas, Roxana Shayan is well-equipped to uphold your parental rights and interests. Feel free to call her at 714-545-4505 today.

Dispelling Child Custody Myths And Protecting Your Rights

Many people have misconceptions about how child custody and visitation works in California. For instance, a woman may believe that she is entitled to full custody simply because she is the mother. However, under the law, fathers have equal rights.

In other cases, a father may believe that he is not required to pay child support if he hasn't been allowed to see his child lately. This is also untrue. Child support orders are obligatory, whether or not the other parent is complying with the parenting time agreement.

Let attorney Roxana Shayan dispel the myths for you and explain your legal rights in detail.

When 50-50 Custody And Parenting Time Simply Doesn't Work

In California, it is public policy to grant parents 50-50 custody. This allows both parents to spend quality time with their children and form strong relationships with them.

Nevertheless, there are times when 50-50 simply doesn't work. If one parent is abusive, neglectful or has substance abuse problems, it may not be in the child's best interests to spend time with that parent.

Travel logistics can also pose challenges. If one parent lives farther away from the child's school, it may simply make sense for the child to spend every weeknight at the other parent's house.

In these types of situations, you can count on Roxana to help you develop a custody and visitation plan that truly works for you and your children.

Determining, Enforcing And Modifying Child Support

Child support is relatively easy to determine. The state uses an algebraic formula to calculate how much each parent is expected to contribute financially. The far more challenging part is enforcing court orders (if one parent is failing to pay support) or modifying court orders (if one parent is no longer able to afford the support payments). Let Roxana assist you with these matters, diligently advocating on your behalf.

To learn more about how lawyer Roxana Shayan can make a difference for you, call the firm at 714-545-4505 or send an email today.

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